How to Make Scented Oil at Home

13 Mar

Making your own scented oils for a home diffuser is a cost-friendly alternative to buying commercial scented diffuser oil blends and allows you to create your own signature scents. You can make homemade perfumes, diffusers and a variety of other aromatic crafts. Whether you start from scratch or use fragrance craft materials, making homemade scented oil can be a fulfilling hobby.


Add the distilled water and the fresh flower petals to the bottom reservoir of the double boiler. Flower petal ideas include lilac, lavender, rose petals and even fresh herbs like cut lemongrass.

Place a steam basket insert into the double boiler instead of the secondary reservoir dish. Set the glass dish in the very center of the steamer.

Turn the lid upside down before covering the pot with it. This aims the knob of the lid directly over the bowl.

Fill the upside-down lid with ice. Simmer the concoction in this manner for 45 minutes, changing the ice frequently.

Remove the glass dish, which should contain concentrated oils from the flowers and plants you used. Two pounds of plant material should yield about a half ounce of essential oil. Add two ounces of carrier oil to the mixture and then pour the mixture into a glass oil jar. Let the jar cool to room temperature before covering it.

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